Information for incoming exchange students for winter term 2021/22:

Due to the continuing success of our vaccination campaign, we plan to offer the lectures in next winter semester in presence, so you will have to travel to Germany . Please check your country conditions for possible quarantine rules when entering Germany.

Here are some informations from the DAAD service you might like to read:

DAAD service for entering Germany


Please note, they are no accommodation rooms left for international students in winter semester 2021. But you get your informations from our team Accommodation Service for help to find your own room.


Germany is world’s leading nation in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering is a key industry and the „engine“ of the German economy that ensures innovation and technological leadership. In the worldwide market for mechanical engineering, Germany has the largest percentage with about 20 % (more than USA or Japan). Due to the high exports accounting, all German larger companies in production engineering have a strong international orientation and are imperatively seeking international oriented engineers and managers with technical knowledge and competences in economics and foreign languages. Therefore, Germany is an ideal country for students of Mechanical Engineering from all over the world who plan to study one or two semesters abroad.

Whether you are planning to come to Nuremberg and Erlangen as part of an international exchange programme or whether you are considering taking your entire degree here, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg has plenty to offer you. On this page you will find practical information for exchange students about the lectures in English language that are especially suitable for exchange students.

Since its foundation in 1743, the traditional university has been open to new developments and adapted to innovation. Research in numerous rankings place the university among the top 10 universities in Germany, in some fields of engineering the university has been given the attribute of excellence. Both Erlangen, the short-way-city with 100,000 inhabitants (1/4 of which are students), and Nuremberg, a city with a population of 1/2 million and a both metropolitan and medieval flair, have their own special charm. The University’s motto “advance through networks” is reflected by an almost unique offer of interdisciplinary and international degree programmes at the interface between Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, in close collaboration with the classical academic disciplines. Students receive a high level of academic training in a state-of-the-art research environment. Our graduates can look forward to optimal professional and career prospects. International students can count on multiple support services providing extensive advice.

The study program „International Production Engineering and Management“ is ideal for foreign students to study one or more semesters (winter or summer term is equally suitable) abroad in Germany at one of the largest universities in Bavaria. Beside our basic modules in German language like mathematics, we offer various engineering and management lectures in English language, which are especially suitable for exchange students and which could be accompanied by our special German language courses for exchange students. You could also write your bachelor thesis at our university.

Therefore, for the application as exchange student, a German language certificate is in general not necessary for ERASMUS exchange students if you have comparable English language certificates and want to choose English modules. If you like taking your entire degree here, you need a German language certificate (please refer to this page). For studying as an exchange student at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, you have to apply at the Central Office for International Affairs of our university. Further information may be found here.

Application deadlines:

– for winter term: 01st April

– for summer term: 01st October

Lecture periods (please refer also here; the exams take place after the lecture period):


Term Start – End
Corona- Update
Winter semester 2020/21 2020-11-02 – 2021-02-12          
partly with online courses
Summer semester 2021 2021-04-12 – 2021-07-16           
mostly with online courses
Winter semester 2021/22 2021-10-18 – 2022-02-11 planned in presence; if switching to online courses is necessary, we will communicate this in the beginning of October
Summer semester 2022 2022-04-25 – 2022-07-29 planned in presence


For information for times and places, please search the lectures within
(choose: search: „Lecture list“, then choose the appropriate semester at the top right and type in the lecture name)

List of our modules in English language

Lecturer ECTS in winter semester 3) ECTS in summer semester 3) Level 2)
Engineering (Bachelor and Master level)
Production Technology 1 with Exercises (with training in technical english) Merklein e.a. 5 basic (B)
Production Technology 2 with Exercises (with training in technical english) M. Schmidt e.a. 5 basic (B)
Advanced Seminar on International and Sustainable Production div. 2,5 2,5 basic (B)
German language courses University language center 5 – 15 5 – 15 basic, intermediate oder advanced
(B, M)
Laser Technology Schmidt, Cvecek 5 advanced (B, M)
Engineering of Solid State Lasers Cvecek 2,5 advanced (B, M)
Integrated Production Systems
(E-Learning course at vhb)
Franke 5 5 advanced (B, M)
International Supply Chain Management
(E-Learning course at vhb)
Franke 5 5 advanced (B, M)
Introduction to the Finite Element Method Mergheim 5 advanced (B, M)
Nonlinear Finite Elements Mergheim 5 advanced (B, M)
Computational Dynamics O. Schmitt 5 advanced (B, M)
Linear continuum mechanics Steinmann 5 advanced (B, M)
Nonlinear continuum mechanics Steinmann 5 advanced (B, M)
Management (Bachelor level, may also be taken by Master exchange students)
Innovation Voigt 5 advanced (B, M)
Sustainability Management: Issues, Concepts and Tools Beckmann 5 advanced (B, M)
Innovation Strategy III Möslein 2,5 advanced (B, M)
Innovation Design Möslein 2,5 advanced (B, M)
F&E Management Brem 5 advanced (B, M)
Management (only for Master students)
Global operations strategy (seminar) Voigt 5 advanced ( M)
Technology and Innovation management Voigt 5 advanced ( M)
Advanced Service Management Bodendorf 5 advanced ( M)
Advanced Process Management Bodendorf 5 advanced (M)
Organizational Creativity Voigt 5 advanced (M)
Business strategy Hungenberg 5 advanced (M)
Change management Hungenberg 5 advanced (M)
Advanced Sustainability Management & Corporate Functions Beckmann 5 advanced (M)
Global Retail Logistics
(E-Learning course at vhb)
Hartmann 5 5 advanced (M)
Designing technology Möslein 5 advanced (M)
Platform Strategies Möslein 5 advanced (M)
Organizing for Digital Transformation Möslein  5 advanced (M)
International Technology Management Research Seminar Brem 5 5 advanced (M)
Strategic intellectual property management Brem 5 5 advanced (M)
Internet of Things and Industrial Services Seminar Matzner/Stierle/Pauli 5 advanced (M)
Bachelor thesis with advanced seminar 4) div. 12+3 12+3 advanced (B)
Project thesis with advanced seminar 4) div. 12+3 12+3 advanced (M)
Master thesis 4) div. 30 30 advanced (M)

2) B=suitable for incoming Bachelor students; M=suitable for incoming Master students
4) For theses, a language level of at least C1 in English or German and individual agreements with an institute are necessary.


Further courses in english language of the Faculty of Engineering:


Module handbook

with detailed descriptions of our modules: IP_module_handbook_2019_10